Park Su Jin shot by Gong Sang Ung
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some of my favourite mega evolutions!

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HAPPY AUGUST 27th. The FEMM key chains are finished! They’ll be up in my shop when I open it. Maybe even with a Honey-B and W-Trouble key chains as well!
The rest of FEMM’s singles are out today! You should go buy them, or at least listen to their stuff. 


Some people were so quick to believe that T-ara bullied Hwayoung, Sistar are delinquents who cheat on music charts, Hyosung is a dumb ilbe, Hara is disrespectful, etc.
But a girl reporting that she was abused by oppa and has medical records and witnesses to prove it? Nahhhhhh she’s probably lying or did something to provoke him #IBelieveInYouOppa.

Are you guys serious?

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park bom is not problematic at all, she just eats her corn and minds her business

like you could have written a diss track about like… shindong… what a wasted opportunity

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